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1-Bit Massive MIMO Downlink Based on Constructive Interference

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3D Localization of Multiple Simultaneous Speakers with Discrete Wavelet Transform and Proposed 3D Nested Microphone Array

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A Bayesian Blind Source Separation Method for a Linear-quadratic Model

A Blind Image Quality Metric Using a Selection of Relevant Patches Based on Convolutional Neural Network

A CNN-GRU Approach to Capture Time-Frequency Pattern Interdependence for Snore Sound Classification

A Colour Hit-or-Miss Transform Based on a Rank Ordered Distance Measure

A Comparative Study of Orthogonal Moments for Micro-Doppler Classification

A Comparison of Audio Signal Preprocessing Methods for Deep Neural Networks on Music Tagging

A Compressed Encoding Scheme for Approximate TDOA Estimation

A Convex-Combined Step-Size-Based Normalized Modified Filtered-x Least Mean Square Algorithm for Impulsive Active Noise Control Systems

A Data Driven Empirical Iterative Algorithm for GSR Signal Pre-Processing

A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Pixel-Wise Segmentation of Road and Pavement Surface Cracks

A Deep Learning MI-EEG Classification Model for BCIs

A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Early Classification of Time Series

A Dynamic Model of Synthetic Resting-State Brain Hemodynamics

A Factorization Approach to Smoothing of Hidden Reciprocal Models

A Fast and Accurate Automated Pavement Crack Detection Algorithm

A Fast Eigen-based Signal Combining Algorithm by Using CORDIC

A Fast Endmember Estimation Algorithm from Compressive Measurements

A Forward-Looking Sonar Progressive Coding Using Morphological Skeleton Representation

A Framework for Assessing Factors Influencing User Interaction for Touch-based Biometrics

A Frequency-Domain Band-MMSE Equalizer for Continuous Phase Modulation over Frequency-Selective Time-Varying Channels

A Fresh Look at the Semiparametric Cramér-Rao Bound

A Fusion of Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks and Sequence to Sequence Autoencoders for Acoustic Scene Classification

A Hierarchical Ensemble Classifier for Multilabel Segmentation of Fat-Water MR Images

A Hierarchical Latent Mixture Model for Polyphonic Music Analysis

A Holistic Automatic Method for Grouping Facial Features Based on Their Appearance

A Layer-wise Score Level Ensemble Framework for Acoustic Scene Classification

A Lossless Image Coding Method Based on Probability Model Optimization

A New Approach to Sample Entropy of Multi-channel Signals: Application to EEG Signals

A New Asymmetric Link-Based Binary Regression Model to Detect Parkinson's Disease by Using Replicated Voice Recordings

A New Beamformer Design Method for Multi-Group Multicasting by Enforcing Constructive Interference

A New Blind Beamforming Technique for the Alignment and Enhancement of Seismic Signals

A New Proportionate Adaptive Filtering Algorithm with Coefficient Reuse and Robustness Against Impulsive Noise

A New Stream Cipher Based on Nonlinear Dynamic System

A Novel Formulation of Independence Detection Based on the Sample Characteristic Function

A Novel Kinect V2 Registration Method Using Color and Deep Geometry Descriptors

A Novel Method for Sampling Bandlimited Graph Signals

A Novel Method for Topological Embedding of Time-Series Data

A Novel Online Generalized Possibilistic Clustering Algorithm for Big Data Processing

A Novel Recursive Bayesian Weighted Instrumental Variable Estimator for 3D Bearings-only TMA

A Plug and Play Bayesian Algorithm for Solving Myope Inverse Problems

A Preconditioned Graph Diffusion LMS for Adaptive Graph Signal Processing

A Proximal Method for Convolutional Dictionary Learning with Convergence Property

A Rendering Solution to Display Light Field in Virtual Reality

A Requirement Analysis for Privacy Preserving Biometrics in View of Universal Human Rights and Data Protection Regulation

A Residual Encoder-Decoder Network for Semantic Segmentation in Autonomous Driving Scenarios

A Resolution Enhancement Technique for Ultrafast Coded Medical Ultrasound

A Sequence-Filter Joint Optimization

A Study on the Impact of Visualization Techniques on Light Field Perception

A Trace Lasso Regularized L1-norm Graph Cut for Highly Correlated Noisy Hyperspectral Image

A Vector of Locally Aggregated Descriptors Framework for Action Recognition on Motion Capture Data

Abnormal Behavior Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Density Heatmaps and Optical Flow

Accelerated Stochastic Multiplicative Update with Gradient Averaging for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Acoustic Beamforming in Front of a Reflective Plane

Acoustic Event Classification Using Multi-resolution HMM

Acoustic Scene Analysis Using Partially Connected Microphones Based on Graph Cepstrum

Acoustic Scene Classification from Few Examples

Active Content Fingerprinting Using Latent Data Representation, Extractor and Reconstructor

Active Learning for One-Class Classification Using Two One-Class Classifiers

Adaptive Guided Upsampling for Color Image Demosaicking

Adaptive Video Encoding for Time-Constrained Compression and Delivery

ADS-B Signal Signature Extraction for Intrusion Detection in the Air Traffic Surveillance System

Advanced Cyclostationary-Based Analysis for Condition Monitoring of Complex Systems

Adversarial Machine Learning Against Digital Watermarking

Adversarial Malware Binaries: Evading Deep Learning for Malware Detection in Executables

Adversarial Multimedia Forensics: Overview and Challenges Ahead

An Acoustic Image-Source Characterisation of Surface Profiles

An ADMM Algorithm for Constrained Material Decomposition in Spectral CT

An Efficient Lossless Compression Algorithm for Electrocardiogram Signals

An Efficient Machine Learning-Based Fall Detection Algorithm Using Local Binary Features

An Empirical Evaluation of Short-Term Memory Retention Using Different High-density EEG Based Brain Connectivity Measures

An Enhanced Chirp Modulated Golay Code for Ultrasound Diverging Wave Compounding

An Enhanced Interleaving Frame Loss Concealment Method for Voice over IP Network Services

An Entropy-Based Approach for Shape Description

An Extended Kalman Filter for RTF Estimation in Dual-Microphone Smartphones

An Extension of Averaged-Operator-Based Algorithms

An Improved CSI Based Device Free Indoor Localization Using Machine Learning Based Classification Approach

An Online Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Tracking Acoustic Sources in Multi-Microphone Devices During Music Playback

An Overview of Recent Advances in Assessing and Mitigating the Face Morphing Attack

An Unsupervised Frame Selection Technique for Robust Emotion Recognition in Noisy Speech

Analog-to-Feature (A2F) Conversion for Audio-Event Classification

Analysis of Activity States of Local Neuronal Microcircuits in Mouse Brain

Analysis of Adversarial Attacks Against CNN-based Image Forgery Detectors

Analysis Vs Synthesis-based Regularization for Combined Compressed Sensing and Parallel MRI Reconstruction at 7 Tesla

Anomalous Sound Event Detection Based on WaveNet

Anomaly Detection Based on Feature Reconstruction from Subsampled Audio Signals

Anti-forensics of JPEG Compression Using Generative Adversarial Networks

Application-Layer Redundancy for the EVS Codec

Approximate Recovery of Initial Point-like and Instantaneous Sources from Coarsely Sampled Thermal Fields via Infinite-Dimensional Compressed Sensing

Arbitrary Length Perfect Integer Sequences Using Geometric Series

Area-Based Depth Estimation for Monochromatic Feature-Sparse Orthographic Capture

Assessing Tissue Heterogeneity by non-Gaussian Measures in a Permeable Environment

Asymmetric Supercardioid Beamforming Using Circular Microphone Arrays

Audio Virtualization of Façade Acoustic Insulation by Convex Optimization

Authentication of Galileo GNSS Signal by Superimposed Signature with Artificial Noise

Automated Detection of Solar Cell Defects with Deep Learning

Automated Tire Footprint Segmentation

Automatic Chord Recognition with Higher-Order Harmonic Language Modelling

Automatic Detection of Image Morphing by Topology-based Analysis

Automatic Flower and Visitor Detection System

Automatic Speech Pronunciation Correction with Dynamic Frequency Warping-Based Spectral Conversion

Automatic Speech Translation System Selecting Target Language by Direction-of-Arrival Information

Autonomous Person Detection and Tracking Framework Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

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Bayesian Calibration Using Different Prior Distributions: An Iterative Maximum a Posteriori Approach for Radio Interferometers

Bayesian Inference with Error Variable Splitting and Sparsity Enforcing Priors for Linear Inverse Problems

Bayesian Multi-Class Covariance Matrix Filtering for Adaptive Environment Learning

Bayesian Restoration of High-Dimensional Photon-Starved Images

Bayesian Target Enumeration and Labeling Using Radar Data of Human Gait

Bayesian Track-to-Graph Association for Maritime Traffic Monitoring

Beam Shape Calibration for Multi-Beam Radio Astronomical Phased Arrays

Beamforming and Blind Source Separation Have a Complementary Effect in Reducing Tonic Cranial Muscle Contamination of Scalp Measurements

Beamforming-Based Acoustic Source Localization and Enhancement for Multirotor UAVs

Beat Tracking Using Recurrent Neural Network: a Transfer Learning Approach

Bilinear Residual Neural Network for the Identification and Forecasting of Geophysical Dynamics

Binarized Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Inference on GPUs

Binary Sequences Set with Small ISL for MIMO Radar Systems

Bitrate and Tandem Detection for the AMR-WB Codec with Application to Network Testing

Blind Channel Direction Separation Against Pilot Spoofing Attack in Massive MIMO System

Blind Detection and Localization of Video Temporal Splicing Exploiting Sensor-Based Footprints

Blind Identification of Invertible Graph Filters with Multiple Sparse Inputs

Blind Multi-class Ensemble Learning with Dependent Classifiers

Blind Spectrum Sensing Based on Recurrence Quantification Analysis in the Context of Cognitive Radio

Building a Tensor Framework for the Analysis and Classification of Steady-State Visual Evoked Potentials in Children

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Camera-based Image Forgery Localization Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Capsule Routing for Sound Event Detection

CASSIS: Characterization with Adaptive Sample-Size Inferential Statistics Applied to Inexact Circuits

Centerline Articulatory Models of the Velum and Epiglottis for Articulatory Synthesis of Speech

Channel Estimation Based on the Discrete Cosine Transform Type-III Even

Characterization of Mental States Through Node Connectivity Between Brain Signals

Characterizing 3D Shapes: a Complex Network-Based Approach

Classification Asymptotics in the Random Matrix Regime

Classification Between Abnormal and Normal Respiration Through Observation Rate of Heart Sounds Within Lung Sounds

Classification by Re-Generation: Towards Classification Based on Variational Inference

Classification of EEG Signals Based on Mean-Square Error Optimal Time-Frequency Features

Classification of Intra-Pulse Modulation of Radar Signals by Feature Fusion Based Convolutional Neural Networks

Classification of Volcano-Seismic Signals with Bayesian Neural Networks

Coding Gain Optimized 8-Point DST with Fast Algorithm for Intra-frames in Video Coding

Coherence Constrained Alternating Least Squares

Collaborative Speech Dereverberation: Regularized Tensor Factorization for Crowdsourced Multi-channel Recordings

Colorblind-friendly Halftoning

Combined Analysis-l1 and Total Variation ADMM with Applications to MEG Brain Imaging and Signal Reconstruction

Combined Sparse Regularization for Nonlinear Adaptive Filters

Comparative Study on Spoken Language Identification Based on Deep Learning

Comparative Study on Univariate Forecasting Methods for Meteorological Time Series

Comparison of Interactive Subjective Methodologies for Light Field Quality Evaluation

Comparison of Parametric and Non-Parametric Population Modelling of Sport Performances

Complete Model Selection in Multiset Canonical Correlation Analysis

Complexity-Reduced Solution for TDOA Source Localization in Large Equal Radius Scenario with Sensor Position Errors

Compound Facial Expressions in 3D Faces: Forced and Spontaneous

Compressed Edge Spectrum Sensing for Wideband Cognitive Radios

Compressive Sensing of Temporally Correlated Sources Using Isotropic Multivariate Stable Laws

Computational Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease from Speech Based on Regularization Methods

Computationally Efficient Estimation of Multi-dimensional Damped Modes Using Sparse Wideband Dictionaries

Computationally Efficient Image Super Resolution from Totally Aliased Low Resolution Images

Connectionist Temporal Classification-based Sound Event Encoder for Converting Sound Events into Onomatopoeic Representations

Connectivity Modulations Induced by Reaching&Grasping Movements

Consistent Spectral Methods for Dimensionality Reduction

Constrained Particle Filter for Improving Kinect Based Measurements

Continuous Refocusing for Integral Microscopy with Fourier Plane Recording

Convolutional Neural Networks for Heart Sound Segmentation

Convolutional Neural Networks Without Any Checkerboard Artifacts

Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Urban Sound Classification Using Raw Waveforms

Convolving Gaussian Kernels for RNN-based Beat Tracking

Cooperative Renewable Energy Management with Distributed Generation

Coupled Autoencoder Based Reconstruction of Images from Compressively Sampled Measurements

Coverage-Improvement of V2I Communication Through Car-Relays in Microcellular Urban Networks

Cross-layer Optimization in Terminals

CycleGAN-VC: Non-parallel Voice Conversion Using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks

Dtop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Data-Selective Conjugate Gradient Algorithm

DC-offset Estimation of Multiple CW Micro Doppler Radar

Decentralized Sensor Localization by Decision Fusion of RSSI and Mobility in Indoor Environments

Decision Level Fusion: An Event Driven Approach

Decision Statistics for Noncoherent Signal Detection in Multi-Element Antenna Arrays

Decisions Under Binary Messaging over Adaptive Networks

Dedicated Beam-Based Channel Training Technique for Millimeter Wave Communications with High Mobility

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Chaos Identification in Signal Processing

Deep Neural Networks for Joint Voice Activity Detection and Speaker Localization

Deep Neuroevolution: Training Deep Neural Networks for False Alarm Detection in Intensive Care Units

Deep Residual Neural Network for EMI Event Classification Using Bispectrum Representations

DeepMQ: A Deep Learning Approach Based Myelin Quantification in Microscopic Fluorescence Images

Defect Detection from 3D Ultrasonic Measurements Using Matrix-free Sparse Recovery Algorithms

Denoising Phonocardiogram Signals with Non-negative Matrix Factorization Informed by Synchronous Electrocardiogram

Design of Optimal Frequency-Selective FIR Filters Using a Memetic Algorithm

Detecting Adversarial Examples - A Lesson from Multimedia Security

Detection and Estimation of Unmodeled Chirps

Detection of North Atlantic Right Whales with a Hybrid System of CNN and Dictionary Learning

Diarization and Separation Based on a Data-Driven Simplex

Dictionary Learning for Photometric Redshift Estimation

Direction of Arrival Estimation for Multiple Sound Sources Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network

Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Uniform Rectangular Array: A Multilinear Projection Approach

Distant Noise Reduction Based on Multi-delay Noise Model Using Distributed Microphone Array

DQLC Optimization for Joint Source Channel Coding of Correlated Sources over Fading MAC

Dual-Channel VTS Feature Compensation with Improved Posterior Estimation

Dynamic Allocation of Processing Resources in Cloud-RAN for a Virtualised 5G Mobile Network

Dynamics and Periodicity Based Multirate Fast Transient-Sound Detection

Etop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Ear Acoustic Biometrics Using Inaudible Signals and Its Application to Continuous User Authentication

Ear Presentation Attack Detection: Benchmarking Study with First Lenslet Light Field Database

ECA Filter Effects on Ground Clutter Statistics in DVB-T Based Passive Radar

Effect of Random Sampling on Noisy Nonsparse Signals in Time-Frequency Analysis

Effect of Training and Test Datasets on Image Restoration and Super-Resolution by Deep Learning

Effective Network Area for Efficient Simulation of Finite Area Wireless Networks

Efficient Ambiguity Resolution in Polarimetric Multi-View Stereo

Efficient and Stable Joint Eigenvalue Decomposition Based on Generalized Givens Rotations

Efficient Calibration of Radio Interferometers Using Block LDU Decomposition

Efficient Channel Estimation in Millimeter Wave Hybrid MIMO Systems with Low Resolution ADCs

Efficient Generation of Random Signals with Prescribed Probability Distribution and Spectral Bandwidth via Ergodic Transformations

Efficient Inverse Scattering Algorithm by Incorporating RPM Method for Microwave Non-destructive Imaging

Efficient Light Field Image Coding with Depth Estimation and View Synthesis

Efficient ML-Estimator for Blind Reverberation Time Estimation

Efficient Sampling Rate Offset Compensation - An Overlap-Save Based Approach

Efficient Semi-Blind Subspace Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM System

Efficient Variance-reduced Learning over Multi-agent Networks

Elastic Neural Networks: A Scalable Framework for Embedded Computer Vision

Electrolaryngeal Speech Enhancement with Statistical Voice Conversion Based on CLDNN

Embedding Intelligent Features for Vibration-Based Machine Condition Monitoring

Emotion Estimation in Crowds: The Interplay of Motivations and Expectations in Individual Emotions

End-to-end Photoplethysmography (PPG) Based Biometric Authentication by Using Convolutional Neural Networks

End-to-End Real-Time ROI-based Encryption in HEVC Videos

Energy Balancing for Robotic Aided Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobility Diversity Algorithms

Enhanced Time-Frequency Masking by Using Neural Networks for Monaural Source Separation in Reverberant Room Environments

Ensemble Learning for Detection of Short Episodes of Atrial Fibrillation

Entry-wise Matrix Completion from Noisy Entries

Estimating Faults Modes in Ball Bearing Machinery Using a Sparse Reconstruction Framework

Estimating Power Spectral Density of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Rotor Noise Using Multisensory Information

Estimating Secret Parameters of a Random Number Generator from Time Series by Auto-synchronization

Estimating the Topology of Neural Networks from Distributed Observations

Estimation of Bandlimited Signals on Graphs from Single Bit Recordings of Noisy Samples

Estimation of Missing Data in Fetal Heart Rate Signals Using Shift-Invariant Dictionary

Estimation of Pitch Targets from Speech Signals by Joint Regularized Optimization

Evaluation of Binaural Noise Reduction Methods in Terms of Intelligibility and Perceived Localization

Evolutionary Resampling for Multi-Target Tracking Using Probability Hypothesis Density Filter

Explaining Black-box Android Malware Detection

Exterior and Interior Sound Field Separation Using Convex Optimization: Comparison of Signal Models

Extracting PRNU Noise from H.264 Coded Videos

Extrapolated Projection Methods for PAPR Reduction

Extreme Learning Machine for Graph Signal Processing

Ftop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Face Demorphing in the Presence of Facial Appearance Variations

Face Frontalization for Cross-Pose Facial Expression Recognition

Facet-Based Regularization for Scalable Radio-Interferometric Imaging

Fast Algorithms for the Schur-Type Nonlinear Parametrization of Higher-Order Stochastic Processes

Fast and Accurate Gaussian Pyramid Construction by Extended Box Filtering

Fast and Accurate Multiclass Inference for MI-BCIs Using Large Multiscale Temporal and Spectral Features

Fast Convergence for Stochastic and Distributed Gradient Descent in the Interpolation Limit

Fast Hyperspectral Cube Reconstruction for a Double Disperser Imager

Fast Multi-Lane Detection and Modeling for Embedded Platforms

Faster FISTA

FastFCA: Joint Diagonalization Based Acceleration of Audio Source Separation Using a Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Model

Feature Fusion via Tensor Network Summation

Feature Trajectories Selection for Video Stabilization

Fingerprint Minutiae Matching Through Sparse Cross-correlation

Fooling PRNU-Based Detectors Through Convolutional Neural Networks

Free-walking 3D Pedestrian Large Trajectory Reconstruction from IMU Sensors

From L1 Minimization to Entropy Minimization: A Novel Approach for Sparse Signal Recovery in Compressive Sensing

Fundamental Limits for Joint Relative Position and Orientation Estimation with Generic Antennas

Fusion of Community Structures in Multiplex Networks by Label Constraints

Fusion of EEG and fMRI via Soft Coupled Tensor Decompositions

Gtop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Generalized Conditional Maximum Likelihood Estimators in the Large Sample Regime

Generative Adversarial Network-Based Approach to Signal Reconstruction from Magnitude Spectrogram

GEVD Based Speech and Noise Correlation Matrix Estimation for Multichannel Wiener Filter Based Noise Reduction

GPU-Optimised Low-Latency Online Search for Gravitational Waves from Binary Coalescences

Graph Manifold Clustering Based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Face Recognition

Graph Representation Using Mutual Information for Graph Model Discrimination

Graph Similarity Based on Graph Fourier Distances

Graph Spectral Domain Shape Representation

Graph Structured Dictionary for Regression

Graph-Based Inpainting of Disocclusion Holes for Zooming in 3D Scenes

Greedy Recovery of Sparse Signals with Dynamically Varying Support

Htop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Heuristics for Efficient Sparse Blind Source Separation

Hierarchic ConvNets Framework for Rare Sound Event Detection

High Frequency Noise Detection and Handling in ECG Signals

High-Order CPD Estimation with Dimensionality Reduction Using A Tensor Train Model

How Many Channels are Enough? Evaluation of Tonic Cranial Muscle Artefact Reduction Using ICA with Different Numbers of EEG Channels

How Much Will Tiny IoT Nodes Profit from Massive Base Station Arrays?

Hybrid Analog-Digital Precoding for Interference Exploitation

Hypo and Hyperarticulated Speech Data Augmentation for Spontaneous Speech Recognition

Itop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Identification of Multichannel AR Models with Additive Noise: a Frisch Scheme Approach

Image Analysis Based Fish Tail Beat Frequency Estimation for Fishway Efficiency

Impacts of Viewing Conditions on HDR-VDP2

Improved Adaptive Importance Sampling Based on Variational Inference

Improved ADMM-Based Algorithm for Multi-Group Multicast Beamforming in Large-Scale Antenna Systems

Improved Direct-path Dominance Test for Speaker Localization in Reverberant Environments

Improved Discrete Grey Wolf Optimizer

Improved Pairwise Embedding for High-Fidelity Reversible Data Hiding

Improved Protein Residue-Residue Contact Prediction Using Image Denoising Methods

Improving EEG Source Localization Through Spatio-Temporal Sparse Bayesian Learning

Improving Graph Convolutional Networks with Non-Parametric Activation Functions

Improving Portfolios Global Performance with Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation: Application to the Maximum Variety Portfolio

In Search for Improved Auxiliary Particle Filters

Incoherent Projection Matrix Design for Compressed Sensing Using Alternating Optimization

Independent Deeply Learned Matrix Analysis for Multichannel Audio Source Separation

Independent Low-Rank Tensor Analysis for Audio Source Separation

Independent Positive Semidefinite Tensor Analysis in Blind Source Separation

Infant Cry Detection in Adverse Acoustic Environments by Using Deep Neural Networks

Inferring User Gender from User Generated Visual Content on a Deep Semantic Space

Information Fusion Based Quality Enhancement for 3D Stereo Images Using CNN

Information Subspace-Based Fusion for Vehicle Classification

Injecting Image Priors into Learnable Compressive Subsampling

Integrating Denoising Autoencoder and Vector Taylor Series with Auditory Masking for Speech Recognition in Noisy Conditions

Interference-based Clustering for MIMO D2D Underlay Communications

Intrinsic Light Field Decomposition and Disparity Estimation with Deep Encoder-Decoder Network

Iterative Equalization Based on Expectation Propagation: a Frequency Domain Approach

Iterative Reconstruction of Spectrally Sparse Signals from Level Crossings

Iterative Weighted Least Squares Frequency Estimation for Harmonic Sinusoidal Signal in Power Systems

Jtop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Jacobi Algorithm for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Transform Learning

Joint Beamforming and Echo Cancellation Combining QRD Based Multichannel AEC and MVDR for Reducing Noise and Non-Linear Echo

Joint Graph Learning and Signal Recovery via Kalman Filter for Multivariate Autoregressive Processes

Joint Identification and Localization of a Speaker in Adverse Conditions Using a Microphone Array

Joint Localization and Clock Offset Estimation via Time-Of-Arrival with Ranging Offset

Joint Long-Term Admission Control and Beamforming in Downlink MISO Networks

Joint Low Mutual and Average Coherence Dictionary Learning

Joint Optimization of Caching and Transport in Proactive Edge Cloud

Ktop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Kernel Adaptive Hammerstein Filter

Knowledge-Aided Normalized Iterative Hard Thresholding Algorithms for Sparse Recovery

Ltop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

LCMV Beamformer with DNN-based Multichannel Concurrent Speakers Detector

Learning Dictionary-Based Unions of Subspaces for Image Denoising

Learning-based Acoustic Source Localization in Acoustic Sensor Networks Using the Coherent-to-Diffuse Power Ratio

Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Mixed Spectra

Lenslet Light Field Imaging Scalable Coding

Lenslet Light Field Panorama Creation: a Sub-Aperture Image Stitching Approach

Light Field Compression of HDCA Images Combining Linear Prediction and JPEG 2000

Light Field Image Coding Using High Order Prediction Training

Light-fields of Circular Camera Arrays

Linear Convergence of Stochastic Block-Coordinate Fixed Point Algorithms

Localization in Elevation with Non-Individual Head-Related Transfer Functions: Comparing Predictions of Two Auditory Models

Localization of Near-Field Signals Based on Linear Prediction and Oblique Projection Operator

Lossy Audio Compression Identification

Low Cost Setup for High Resolution Multiview Panorama Recording and Registration

Low-Complexity RLS Algorithms for the Identification of Bilinear Forms

Low-Rank Channel and Interference Estimation in mm-Wave Massive Antenna Arrays

Low-Rate Farrow Structure with Discrete-Lowpass and Polynomial Support for Audio Resampling

Mtop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Machine Learning Based Indoor Localization Using a Representative k-Nearest-Neighbor Classifier on a Low-Cost IoT-Hardware

Machine Learning for User Traffic Classification in Wireless Systems

Metagenomic Composition Analysis of Sedimentary Ancient DNA from the Isle of Wight

Minimum Length Solution for One-Dimensional Discrete Phase Retrieval Problem

Missing Sample Estimation Based on High-Order Sparse Linear Prediction for Audio Signals

Model Based Estimation of STP Parameters for Binaural Speech Enhancement

Model-Based Voice Activity Detection in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks

Modeling the Pairwise Disparities in High Density Camera Arrays

Modeling the Visual Pathway for Stimulus Optimization in Brain-Computer Interfaces

Modeling Time of Arrival Probability Distribution and TDOA Bias in Acoustic Emission Testing

Modelling Data with Both Sparsity and a Gaussian Random Field: Application to Dark Matter Mass Mapping in Cosmology

Modelling of Sound Events with Hidden Imbalances Based on Clustering and Separate Sub-Dictionary Learning

Modulation-Domain Parametric Multichannel Kalman Filtering for Speech Enhancement

Morphing Detection Using a General-Purpose Face Recognition System

Mosquito Wingbeat Analysis and Classification Using Deep Learning

Motor Condition Monitoring by Empirical Wavelet Transform

Moving Target Classification in Automotive Radar Systems Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks

Multi-Bernoulli Filter Implementation in Images

Multi-Channel Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Overlapped Acoustic Event Detection

Multi-frequency Phase Retrieval from Noisy Data

Multi-Resolution Coded Apertures Based on Side Information for Single Pixel Spectral Reconstruction

Multi-Resolution Reconstructions from Compressive Spectral Coded Projections

Multi-Satellite Cycle-Slip Detection and Exclusion Using the Noise Subspace of Residual Dynamics

Multi-Shot Single Sensor Light Field Camera Using a Color Coded Mask

Multi-stereo Matching for Light Field Camera Arrays

Multi-task Feature Learning for EEG-based Emotion Recognition Using Group Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Multichannel Audio Front-End for Far-Field Automatic Speech Recognition

Multifractal Characterization for Bivariate Data

Multiple Cyber-Threats Containment via Kendall's Birth-Death-Immigration Model

Multiscale DCNN Ensemble Applied to Human Activity Recognition Based on Wearable Sensors

Municipal Infrastructure Anomaly and Defect Detection

Ntop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Network Utility Maximization for Adaptive Resource Allocation in DSL Systems

Neural-Network Supervised Maximum Likelihood-based On-Line Dereverberation

New Doppler Processing for the Detection of Small and Slowly-Moving Targets in Highly Ambiguous Radar Context

New Results on LMVDR Estimators for LDSS Models

Noisy cGMM: Complex Gaussian Mixture Model with Non-Sparse Noise Model for Joint Source Separation and Denoising

Noisy Encrypted Image Correction Based on Shannon Entropy Measurement in Pixel Blocks of Very Small Size

Non-intrusive Fingerprints Extraction from Hyperspectral Imagery

Non-parametric Characterization of Gravitational-Wave Polarizations

Nonlinear Prediction of Speech by Echo State Networks

Nonunitary Joint Diagonalization for Overdetermined Convolutive Blind Signal Separation

Novel Algorithm for Incremental L1-Norm Principal-Component Analysis

Numerical Stability of Spline-Based Gabor-like Systems

Otop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Object Detection on Compressive Measurements Using Correlation Filters and Sparse Representation

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Classification Using Analysis of Breathing Sounds During Speech

Octonion Sparse Representation for Color and Multispectral Image Processing

Octonion Spectrum of 3D Octonion-Valued Signals - Properties and Possible Applications

On Cyclostationarity-Based Signal Detection

On Deep Learning for Inverse Problems

On Multi-View Face Recognition Using Lytro Images

On Optimal Filtering for Speech Decomposition

On Partial Response Signaling for MIMO Equalization on Multi-Gbit/s Electrical Interconnects

On Room Impulse Response Measurement Using Perfect Sequences for Wiener Nonlinear Filters

On the Angular Resolution Limit Uncertainty

On the Automatic Validation of Speech Alignment

On the Detection of Low Rank Matrices in the High-Dimensional Regime

On the Impact of Tensor Completion in the Classification of Undersampled Hyperspectral Imagery

On the Most Informative Slice of Bicoherence That Characterizes Resting State Brain Connectivity

On the Possibility to Achieve 6-DoF for 360 Video Using Divergent Multi-View Content

On the Time-Frequency Reassignment of Interfering Modes in Multicomponent FM Signals

Online Parametric NMF for Speech Enhancement

Online Prediction of Robot to Human Handover Events Using Vibrations

Online Recovery of Time-varying Signals Defined over Dynamic Graphs

Operational Rate-Constrained Beamforming in Binaural Hearing Aids

Optimal Estimation with Extended Battery Life in Wireless Sensor Networks

Optimal SWIPT Beamforming for MISO Interfering Broadcast Channels with Multi-Type Receivers

Optimized Binary Hashing Codes Generated by Siamese Neural Networks for Image Retrieval

Optimized Small Cell Range Expansion in Mobile Communication Networks Using Multi-Class Support Vector Machines

Optimizing Approximate Message Passing for Variable Measurement Noise

Optimum Detection for a Class of Stationary Meteorological Radars

Ptop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

P-score: Performance Aligned Normalization and an Evaluation in Score-level Multi-biometric Fusion

Parallel and Hybrid Soft-Thresholding Algorithms with Line Search for Sparse Nonlinear Regression

Parameter Domain Loudness Estimation in Parametric Audio Object Coding

Parameters Estimation of Ultrasonics Echoes Using the Cuckoo Search and Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithms

Path Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for k-Sparse Image Reconstruction

Perceived Quality of Audio-Visual Stimuli Containing Streaming Audio Degradations

Performance Analysis of the Covariance-Whitening and the Covariance-Subtraction Methods for Estimating the Relative Transfer Function

Performance Analysis of Uplink Massive MIMO System over Rician Fading Channel

Performance Bounds Analysis for Semi-Blind Channel Estimation with Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO-OFDM Systems

Performance Bounds for Change Point and Time Delay Estimation

Performance Evaluation of No-Reference Image Quality Metrics for Visible Wavelength Iris Biometric Images

Performance of a Third-Order VOLTERRA MVDR Beamformer in the Presence of non-Gaussian and/or Non-Circular Interference

Performance of Nested vs. Non-Nested SVM Cross-Validation Methods in Visual BCI: Validation Study

Perturbation Analysis of Root-MUSIC-Type Methods for Blind Network-Assisted Diversity Multiple Access

Phylogenetic Analysis of Multimedia Codec Software

Physical Layer Communications System Design Over-the-Air Using Adversarial Networks

Piano Legato-Pedal Onset Detection Based on a Sympathetic Resonance Measure

Pipeline Comparison for the Pre-Processing of Resting-State Data in Epilepsy

Playlist-Based Tag Propagation for Improving Music Auto-Tagging

Plenoptic Sensor: Application to Extend Field-Of-View

Poisson Image Denoising Using Best Linear Prediction: A Post-processing Framework

Prediction Methods for Time Evolving Dyadic Processes

Prior Influence on Weiss-Weinstein Bounds for Multiple Change-Point Estimation

Privacy-Preserving Identification via Layered Sparse Code Design: Distributed Servers and Multiple Access Authorization

Privacy-Preserving Indexing of Iris-Codes with Cancelable Bloom Filter-based Search Structures

PRNU-based Image Classification of Origin Social Network with CNN

Proactive Computation Caching Policies for 5G-and-beyond Mobile Edge Cloud Networks

Putting the PRNU Model in Reverse Gear: Findings with Synthetic Signals

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Quantitative and Binary Steganalysis in JPEG: A Comparative Study

Rtop 1 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W

Radio Imaging with Information Field Theory

Randomly Sketched Sparse Subspace Clustering for Acoustic Scene Clustering

Range Estimation from Single-Photon Lidar Data Using a Stochastic EM Approach

Rate Distortion Optimized Graph Partitioning for Omnidirectional Image Coding

Rate-Distortion Optimized Super-Ray Merging for Light Field Compression

Raw Multi-Channel Audio Source Separation Using Multi-Resolution Convolutional Auto-Encoders

Real-time DCT Learning-based Reconstruction of Neural Signals

Real-Time Deep Learning Method for Abandoned Luggage Detection in Video

Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Artificial Feed-Forward Neural Networks and EMG

Real-Time Quality Assessment of Videos from Body-Worn Cameras

Rebroadcast Attacks: Defenses, Reattacks, and Redefenses

Reconstruction of the Virtual Microphone Signal Based on the Distributed Ray Space Transform

Recovery of Linearly Mixed Sparse Sources from Multiple Measurement Vectors Using l1-Minimization

Recurrent Neural Networks with Weighting Loss for Early Prediction of Hand Movements

Recursive Expectation-Maximization Algorithm for Online Multi-Microphone Noise Reduction

Reduced-Complexity Semi-Distributed Multi-Channel Multi-Frame MVDR Filter

Reducing the False Alarm Rate for Face Morph Detection by a Morph Pipeline Footprint Detector

Refined Generalized Multivariate Multiscale Fuzzy Entropy: a Preliminary Study on Multichannel Physiological Complexity During Postural Changes

Reflection Analysis for Face Morphing Attack Detection

Regularizing Autoencoder-Based Matrix Completion Models via Manifold Learning

Renewable Energy Optimization with Centralized and Distributed Generation

RepoBIT: Cloud-Driven Real-Time Biosignal Streaming, Storage, Visualisation and Sharing

Resolution Enhancement and Interference Suppression for Planetary Radar Sounders

Resource Allocation for QF VMIMO Receive Cooperation in Urban Traffic Hotspots

Respiratory Rate Monitoring by Video Processing Using Local Motion Magnification

Rethinking Compressive Sensing

Riemannian Joint Dimensionality Reduction and Dictionary Learning on Symmetric Positive Definite Manifolds

Road Surface Crack Detection Using a Light Field Camera

Robotic Mobility Diversity Algorithm with Continuous Search Space

Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Compressively Sensed Signals

Robust Detection and Estimation of Change-Points in a Time Series of Multivariate Images

Robust Expectation Propagation in Factor Graphs Involving Both Continuous and Binary Variables

Robust Stochastic Maximum Likelihood Algorithm for DOA Estimation of Acoustic Sources in the Spherical Harmonic Domain

Robust Subspace Clustering for Radar Detection

Robustifying Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Tests in Distributed Sensor Networks

Roundoff Noise Analysis for Generalized Direct-Form II Structure of 2-D Separable-Denominator Digital Filters

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Sampling a Noisy Multiple Output Channel to Maximize the Capacity

Sampling and Reconstruction of Band-limited Graph Signals Using Graph Syndromes

Sampling Phase Estimation in Underwater PPM Fractionally Sampled Equalization

Satellite Image Segmentation with Deep Residual Architectures for Time-Critical Applications

Scalable Light Field Coding with Support for Region of Interest Enhancement

Scale-free Functional Connectivity Analysis from Source Reconstructed MEG Data

Semi-supervised Learning for Dynamic Modeling of Brain Signals During Visual and Auditory Tests

Sensing Matrix Sensitivity to Random Gaussian Perturbations in Compressed Sensing

Sensitivity of the Contactless Videoplethysmography-Based Heart Rate Detection to Different Measurement Conditions

Separation of Anthropogenic Noise and Extremely Low Frequency Natural Magnetic Field Using Statistical Features

Sequential Polynomial QR Decomposition and Decoding of Frequency Selective MIMO Channels

Sequential Spatio-temporal Symbol-level Precoding Enabling Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling for Multi-user MISO Systems

Shearlet-based Loop Filter

Short-Duration Doppler Spectrogram for Person Recognition with a Handheld Radar

Signal Reconstruction from Sub-sampled and Nonlinearly Distorted Observations

Simultaneous Estimation of a System Matrix by Compressed Sensing and Finding Optimal Regularization Parameters for the Inversion Problem

Simultaneous Measurement of Spatial Room Impulse Responses from Multiple Sound Sources Using a Continuously Moving Microphone

Simultaneous Signal Subspace Rank and Model Selection with an Application to Single-Snapshot Source Localization

Skeleton-based Action Recognition Based on Deep Learning and Grassmannian Pyramids

Small Variance Asymptotics and Bayesian Nonparametrics for Dictionary Learning

Space Alternating Variational Bayesian Learning for LMMSE Filtering

Sparse Autoencoders Using Non-smooth Regularization

Sparse Beamforming for mmWave Spectrum Sharing Systems

Sparse Method for Tip-Timing Signals Analysis with Non Stationary Engine Rotation Frequency

Sparse Multiple Kernel Learning: Support Identification via Mirror Stratifiability

Sparse Phase Retrieval via Iteratively Reweighted Amplitude Flow

Sparse Time-Frequency Representation of Gravitational-Wave Signals in Unions of Wilson Bases

Sparse Time-Frequency-Frequency-Rate Representation for Multicomponent Nonstationary Signal Analysis

Sparsity Based Framework for Spatial Sound Reproduction in Spherical Harmonic Domain

Spatio-Spectral Multichannel Reconstruction from Few Low-Resolution Multispectral Data

Speaker Inconsistency Detection in Tampered Video

Speaking Rate Changes Affect Phone Durations Differently for Neutral and Emotional Speech

Species Related Gas Tracking in Distribution Grids

Spectral Clustering with Automatic Cluster-Number Identification via Finding Sparse Eigenvectors

Spectral Image Fusion from Compressive Projections Using Total-Variation and Low-Rank Regularizations

Spectral MAB for Unknown Graph Processes

Speech Dereverberation Using Fully Convolutional Networks

Speech Enhancement by Classification of Noisy Signals Decomposed Using NMF and Wiener Filtering

Speech Enhancement Using Kalman Filtering in the Logarithmic Bark Power Spectral Domain

Steerable Circular Differential Microphone Arrays

Steered Mixture-of-Experts Approximation of Spherical Image Data

Stochastic Geometry Modeling of Cellular Networks: A New Definition of Coverage and Its Application to Energy Efficiency Optimization

Structured Dictionary Learning for Compressive Speech Sensing

Structured Sparsity Regularization for Gravitational-Wave Polarization Reconstruction

Subspace Classification of Human Gait Using Radar Micro-Doppler Signatures

Subspace-Orbit Randomized-Based Decomposition for Low-rank Matrix Approximations

Superpixel Construction for Hyperspectral Unmixing

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Task-Driven Dictionary Learning Based on Convolutional Neural Network Features

Techniques for Gravitational-Wave Detection of Compact Binary Coalescence

Texture Classification Using Fractal Dimension Improved by Local Binary Patterns

The Band-Sampled-Data Collection for the Search of Continuous Gravitational Wave Signals

The Matched Window Reassignment

The Role of Cloud-Computing in the Development and Application of ADAS

Theoretical Study of Multiscale Permutation Entropy on Finite-length Fractional Gaussian Noise

Time Modulated Array Controlled by Periodic Pulsed Signals

Time-Frequency-Bin-Wise Beamformer Selection and Masking for Speech Enhancement in Underdetermined Noisy Scenarios

Towards Automatic Detection of Animals in Camera-Trap Images

Towards Robust Evaluation of Face Morphing Detection

Towards Understanding the Effects of Practice on Behavioural Biometric Recognition Performance

Tracking and Sensor Fusion in Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Optimal Mass Transport

Transfer Learning for SSVEP-based BCI Using Riemannian Similarities Between Users

Transformed Locally Linear Manifold Clustering

Trust-Region Minimization Algorithm for Training Responses (TRMinATR): The Rise of Machine Learning Techniques

Two-Step Hybrid Multiuser Equalizer for Sub-Connected mmWave Massive MIMO SC-FDMA Systems

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Ultrasonic Based Proximity Detection for Handsets

Uncertainty Quantification in Imaging When Convex Optimization Meets Bayesian Analysis

Unified Stochastic Reverberation Modeling

Unsupervised Calibration of RGB-NIR Capture Pairs Utilizing Dense Multimodal Image Correspondences

Unsupervised Singing Voice Separation Based on Robust Principal Component Analysis Exploiting Rank-1 Constraint

Use of Topological Data Analysis in Motor Intention Based Brain-Computer Interfaces

User Interaction in Mobile Biometrics

Using Acoustic Parameters for Intelligibility Prediction of Reverberant Speech

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Velocity Variability in MRI Phase-Contrast

Virtual Camera Modeling for Multi-View Simulation of Surveillance Scenes

Visual Localization in the Presence of Appearance Changes Using the Partial Order Kernel

Visual Saliency Guided High Dynamic Range Image Compression

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Wavelet-based Classification of Transient Signals for Gravitational Wave Detectors

"What are You Listening to?" Explaining Predictions of Deep Machine Listening Systems