EUSIPCO 2018 is held at "Centro Congressi di Confindustria - Auditorium della Tecnica", Via dell'Astronomia 30, 00146, Rome, Italy. Since 1950s, the core of the Eur district - distinguished by the original blocks designed by Architect Marcello Piacentini - has been developed as a directorial centre with the construction of big facilities, apartment buildings and wide green areas. The design and construction of the Confindustria Palace was part of a project - just partially realized - to gather at Eur the whole public sphere, so that the new Ministers would have been close to the big corporations' headquarters and to other institutions. It was built next to the so-called Square Colosseum, a monument symbolizing the modern architecture. Architect Vincenzo Monaco was chosen for the job: he designed the external structure of the new conference centre, while Pierluigi Spadolini was the one who designed the internal spaces and added technological features. Spadolini also designed the Auditorioum della Tecnica, described as "architecture inside the architecture": it was, in fact, obtained from the anonymous quadrangular underground garage that should have been part of the Palace. The Architect refined it, providing it with the most innovative technologies of the time.

The venue is placed in the Eur District. The Rome district called Eur (Universal Exposition Rome) was born in 1938 from the original project called E42, under the direction of the famous architect, Marcello Piacentini. Eur has been also called "Europe district". This Orwellian quarter of wide boulevards and linear buildings was built for an international exhibition in 1942, and although war intervened and the exhibition never took place, the name stuck. The area's main interest lies in its rationalist architecture, which finds perfect form in the iconic Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, aka the Square Colosseum. Eur can be defined an harmonious fusion between the inspiration to a classic roman empire urban model, where the largest use of marble with travertine remembers the ancient majestic Imperial Roman temples and buildings, and the Italian rationalism elements, with their perpendicular axis and with architectural majestic buildings and imposing that make the district, under an architecturally point of view, one of the most modern in the world. The representative Guglielmo Marconi square is the dynamic gravitational center of this area in which all the main roads of Eur cross and it has been dedicated to one of the most Italian important inventors of modernity. The obelisk, unmistakable symbol of Eur district, stands in the middle of this square. It has been completely realized in white marble and, with its 44 meters height, it is the absolute "ruler" of the square and it is also the main urban point of reference for all the commercial and business activities in the surrounding areas.

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