New paradigms in the areas of network design, transmission technology, hardware and software solutions, applications, services, and business model are required to meet the demands of the envisioned 'all- communicating' world and an ambient intelligence. The arising challenges are currently being addressed in a number of research projects within the European Information Society Technologies (IST) programme.

Being the second major event of the European Sixth Framework Programme, the summit will provide a unique opportunity to learn from leading experts, to communicate to them by disseminating recently obtained results, and to help identifying the future direction of European and global R&D activities.

Following recent summits in Aveiro (Portugal), and Lyon (France) the 2005 event will take place in Dresden, Germany. Dresden combines 799 years of history with pulsing high-tech of several semiconductor fabs and numerous research institutes. The capital of Saxony offers a renowned university and is home for some 500,000 people.


The 14th IST Summit focuses on bringing together experts from the worldwide wireless industry and research communities. Recent advances in all fields related to mobile and wireless communications will be presented, thereby facilitating the identification of future trends, illumination of business opportunities, and discussion on the future roles of various bodies from academia, industry, and research centres in helping to form the vision of an ambient, truly intelligent communications environment. A special emphasis is placed on providing a forum for European research initiatives.