The 14th IST Summit focuses on bringing together experts from the worldwide wireless industry and research communities. Recent advances in all fields related to mobile and wireless communications will be presented, thereby facilitating the identification of future trends, illumination of business opportunities, and discussion on the future roles of various bodies from academia, industry, and research centres in helping to form the vision of an ambient, truly intelligent communications environment.

The Programme and Papers includes

Besides, we look forward to welcoming you to our welcome reception in Dresden Zwinger, a wine tour, sight seeing in the UNESCO world heritage, and a dinner in the heart of the baroque city centre.


Welcome to Dresden!

Dresden is the perfect place for an IST Summit: it uniquely combines a 799-year historic, baroque background with the pulsing high-tech multi-billion Euro semiconductor businesses that have turned the region into Europe 's number one silicon site. Currently, numerous companies and R&D institutions of the mobile communications sector help in establishing an important, global network of excellence in wireless. Among them are firms as diverse as ATMEL, KSW, Digades, Philips Semiconductors, Signalion, Radioplan, TechniSat, VodafoneD2, and ZMD. Last not least, the Technische Universität Dresden has contributed to this success story - with its 35,000 students and departments that consistently achieve number one rankings.

I am grateful to the European Commission for their active role in making it possible for having the IST Summit in Dresden. The IST Summit has become a truly large international conference, but at the same time it remains what is has been since its inception in Nuremberg 14 years ago: the most important event and platform for all European research initiatives in the wireless and satellite domain. I would like to thank Dr. João da Silva, Dr. Jorge M. Pereira and Francisco Guirao for their strong and consistent commitment in bringing the conference to Dresden .

We look forward to a having a diverse summit, with numerous tutorials, panels, special sessions, workshops, and a broad exhibition. They will help to identify trends for wireless research in general, and I expect the summit to give directions for the European framework programme in particular.

The event was strongly supported by our commercial sponsors Vodafone, Siemens, TES Electronic Solutions, Ericsson, Radioplan, Atmel, Signalion, and Lufthansa - thank you! Along the same lines, many international bodies have provided institutional backing.

I would like to thank all members of the Technical Programme Committee and numerous reviewers for working so hard towards a solid technical programme: 556 reviewers have managed 1723 reviews to select 320 papers from 501 submissions.

All this would not have been possible without the team of Patrick Herhold, Reiko Schlager, Ursula Zeibig and Ernesto Zimmermann and our partner agency K.I.T. Incentives.

One more word on Dresden - there's more to it than just hard facts. Take some time off to enjoy the city and you will discover a unique, charming setting of architecture, museums, music halls, bars - and surroundings that offer gentle vineyards, wooded hills, bizarre rock formations in a National Park, and so much more…

Enjoy the IST Summit and your stay in Dresden!

Gerhard Fettweis,
Technische Universität Dresden, Vodafone Chair
Chairman 2005 IST Summit

Foreword of the European Commission can be found here.



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