A Coruña

A Coruña is a city to stroll and enjoy, with beaches located right in its center, the Tower of Hercules, the city symbol, a lighthouse and landmark at its harbour entrance, and a long promenade that surrounds it almost completely.

To enjoy the experience that this great city offers, simply follow the local traditions: Sit on a terrace in Maria Pita’s square and discover the exciting story behind it; stroll around the gardens and admire the famous glass balconies of modernist style; or simply go shopping the latest fashion trends.

A Coruña also has excellent museums such as the Fine Arts Museum, the House of Sciences and the Castle of San Antón. One of the most unforgettable experiences that the visitor can take away from A Coruña and Galicia is the view of the sunset from the Tower of Hercules.

The gastronomic offer in A Coruña is well-known and diverse. Try first quality seafood and fish, which arrives daily in its port, and do not forget the meat, which is not far behind in quality and exquisiteness. Pies, cheeses and wines from A Coruña area will not leave the visitor indifferent and are very affordable.