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Key title: European Signal Processing Conference
Abbreviated key title: Eur. Signal Process. Conf
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Foreword from the Conference Chairman
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a real pleasure and a great honor to welcome you in Toulouse, for the 11th European Signal Processing Conference. Toulouse is the heart of the Midi-Pyrenees area, and is the center of the French space and aeronautical activity, and one of pivotal sites for the whole Europe. Its public and industrial players have always provided a major support to research in Signal and Image Processing. This support, which has been constant for several decades, has been instrumental in the establishment and continuation of the academic and industrial research in our disciplines, recognized at both national and international levels, here in Toulouse. Let me stress briefly the main role played in this organization by the Cooperative Laboratory Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics (TeSA), which gathers most of the industrials and public bodies involved in these fields, and the strong support of French Space Agency (CNES).

The topics which have been selected by the Technical Committee, by their wide opening and diversity, show the dynamism of our disciplines. Owing to the outstanding work carried out by the Technical Committee, and the deep involvement of the Technical Committee Coordinators and a very large team of active referees, Eusipco 2002 is proud to offer its attendees more than 400 papers in regular oral and poster sessions, selected from more than 600 submissions (of full papers, for the first time in the history of the Eusipco Conferences). They encompass the hereunder topics, which cover all the today's themes, and open some 'trendy' ones.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Fast algorithms, Multirate filtering and filter banks, Adaptive filters, Filter design and structures, Time-frequency analysis, Signal reconstruction, Nonlinear Signals and Systems.
Statistical Signal and Array Processing (SSAP)
Spectral estimation, Array signal processing, Statistical signal analysis, Parameter estimation, Higher order spectrum analysis, Detection, Signal and system modeling, System identification, Cyclostationary signal analysis.
Signal Processing for Communications (SPC)
Channel estimation and equalization, Joint source - channel coding, Broadband networks and subscriber loops, Application-specific systems and implementations, Channel estimation and equalization, Multiuser detection and multicarrier systems, Performance analysis, optimization, and limits, Signal coding, compression, and quantization, Modulation, encoding, and multiplexing, Spread-spectrum systems and interference suppression.
Speech Processing (SP)
Speech synthesis, Speech enhancement and noise reduction, Continuous speech recognition, Isolated word recognition, Speech analysis, Speech coding.
Audio and Electroacoustics Image and Multidimensional Signal Processing (IMSP)
Image motion / sequence / video Computed imaging Geophysical and seismic processing Machine Vision Image coding Digital transforms Multidimensional systems Image filtering, restoration and enhancement Image analysis and segmentation Image representation and modeling.
Knowledge Engineering and Signal Processing,
Multimedia Signal Processing Applications.

Twelve Special Sessions have been organized, focused on the 'hottest' topics at the moment, and together with four splendid Plenary Talks, they offer a complete coverage of the 2002 Signal and Image processing state, as well as a sound view of the near future. Industrial sessions have also been added, aiming at giving an insight of the Signal and Image Processing Activities currently being undertaken in a choice of major companies.

The Program and the Organizing Committees are the corner stones of such a Conference: let me express to their members, on behalf of the whole Signal and Image Processing community the expression of our gratitude for their extremely efficient work.

F. Castanie
Chairman of the Conference

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