EUSIPCO Conferences

The European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) is the flagship conference of EURASIP. It is recognised as one of the premier signal processing conferences, attracting delegates and papers from all over the world. The EUSIPCO Conference is organized annually in the period late August, early September in capital as well as smaller cities throughout Europe or even beyond. In addition to regular paper sessions, EUSIPCO features keynotes, tutorials, special sessions, satellite workshops and above all a unique occasion for scientific networking.

EURASIP aims to disseminate the scientific work presented at EUSIPCO, by providing open access to the paper proceedings and publishing keynote and tutorial presentations.

EURASIP welcomes proposals for the organisation of future editions of EUSIPCO. Prospective organizers are warmly invited to contact the EURASIP Director for Conferences to discuss the preparation of a EUSIPCO proposal.