ELFI 2019

The first European Light Field Imaging Workshop (ELFI 2019) was held on June 04–06 2019 in Hotel Yastrebets, Borovets, Bulgaria. Borovets is one of the most famous Bulgarian mountain resorts located in the breath-taking mountains of Rila, and only one-hour drive from Sofia airport. The workshop took place a week after the workshop on Computational Imaging with Novel Image Modalities (Light fields, Omni-directional Images, Digital Holograms) to be held on May 27-28 2019 in INRIA, Rennes, France.


The workshop spanned a wide range of disciplines: multidimensional signal processing, visual computing, visual neuroscience, optics and physics. Researchers from these areas were invited to participate at ELFI 2019. The workshop consisted of invited talks, regular and poster sessions. The workshop organizers aimed at establishing a fruitful atmosphere for creative discussions between students and professionals from the Academia and industry.


ELFI 2019 was organized by the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies, Tampere University, Finland, and sponsored by the European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging. This was the last training event of ETN-FPI and the first edition of a series of workshops, the ETN-FPI partners aim at establishing. With the continuing support from projects, institutions and companies working in the area of light field imaging, ELFI is looking forward to establish itself as a leading European scientific event.




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