EUSIPCO-96 CD-ROM Proceedings

Welcome to the EUSIPCO-96 CD-ROM Proceedings (G. Ramponi, G. L. Sicuranza, S. Carrato, S. Marsi, Eds.). In this CD-ROM you will find the abstracts and the PostScript files of all the papers presented at the Conference. You may open the
  • Technical Program where you will find links from the Sessions Schedule to the detailed program of each session. Each paper title has a link to its abstract, and from there you may preview or print the full paper. (According to your browser configuration, clicking on "Paper" may open a previewer, which also allows you to print the paper, or send the file to a printer; otherwise, you have to look at the file name and to print it normally. See the note below). You may also open the
  • Author Index and, from there, move to the abstracts. If you want to make a search by keyword, you may open the file containing
  • All the abstracts and use the "find" utility of your browser. NOTES: POSTSCRIPT FILES The PostScript files have been included as sent by the authors (actually, few of them have been obtained scanning the camera-ready copy). Due to some non-standard features of the PostScript language, some papers may be visualized incorrectly by some previewers. All the papers, however, will print correctly on a good PostScript printer. NETSCAPE AND POSTSCRIPT Netscape has to be properly configured in order to open a PostScript previewer, e.g. GhostView, when loading a PostScript file. The configuration file is found in "Options", "General Preferences", "Helpers". To use GhostView in Unix, e.g., you have to edit the file `mailcap', adding a line similiar to the following: application PostScript; ghostview %s In Windows, you have to fill the field "Launch the Application" related to `application/postscript' with something like gs/gsview If you do not have a PostScript previewer, you may want to print the PostScript file by clicking on "Paper"; you do this by launching the print command instead of the previewer. In Unix, e.g., you may edit the `mailcap' file adding a line similar to: application PostScript; lpr %s FONT SIZE Font size can be changed configuring Netscape in "Options", "General Preferences", "Fonts". ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thank are due to Vojko Pahor for preparing this CD-ROM.